Automatic creaser

Automatic Creaser and Perforator

Product Features:

  • Coated paper, offset paper, laminated paper, photo paper 60-350 gsm
  • Top suction feeding
  • 32 lines available in one crease
  • 3000 sheets per hour creasing speed
  • 90mm paper feed tray capacity
  • High precision crease position +/-0.2mm
  • Slide-in option tools
  • Creasing depth and skew adjustment



The SF-10 & SF-20E Automatic Creaser is an ideal tabletop creaser for the digital printing and photo album making industry. With creasing, perforating available, it handles coated paper, laminated paper, offset paper, etc. The 3-in-1 machine simply discards the probability of commonly occurring issue of cracking of digitally-printed products. The sheets with fine crease lines can easily pass through paper copiers and printers. This high-performance creaser machines eliminates mundane tasks, thereby emerging as an asset for office and semi-industrial applications.

The SF-20E auto creaser is a versatile automatic creaser with multiple finishing options;  perforating, scoring, creasing. Equipped with a 90mm vacuum pile feeder, an easy to use LCD screen and keyboard, skew compensation, and sheet size up to 320 x 660mm. With a maximum of 32 crease/perf positions per sheet, 30 job memory, and speeds up to 3,000 sph, the SF-20E auto creaser is a capable and affordable finishing option.

Download the product brochure or read through the features below to configure your specific requirements.

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