digital die cutter

Product Features:

Die-Free Cutting Capabilities
The Sunfung 4060/6090 digital die cutter features an oscillating tool, cutting instrument, scoring wheel, and drawing pen, allowing for precise cutting without the need for dies. It can process materials up to 6mm in thickness.

Versatile Cutting and Scoring Functions
The standard cutting and scoring functions include Decal Cutting, Kiss Cutting, Scoring, and oscillating knife cutting for thick stock materials.

Automated Alignment System
The high-resolution CCD camera automatically positions materials for accurate cutting.

Automatic Loading System
The fully automated loading and conveyor mechanism enables continuous cutting of materials, streamlining workflow and increasing productivity. A Roll Feed Option is available for processing rolls into sheets.

Material Stacker
Engineered for continuous material loading, the stacker can accommodate stacks up to 4.5” high (400 pieces of 250gsm/92lb cover).

Software Compatibility
The Sunfung 4060/6090 digital die cutter software supports standard file formats like PLT, DXF, and HP/GL, making it compatible with software such as Kasemake, Artios CAD, Corel, Adobe Illustrator, Box Magician, and more.

QR/Barcode Management System
This system is designed for efficient management of cutting tasks by reading QR codes and barcodes.



SF4060 / 6090 digital die cutter machine

Digital auto-feed flatbed cutter SF-4060/6090 is adhering to the design concept of rapidity, stability, intelligence, environmental protection and high efficiency. It is widely applied in digital printing, offset printing, advertising packaging, signage industry and composite materials, etc. The cutter is effectively helping enterprises to realise the transition from traditional auto-feed cutting production mode to modernised and advanced production mode of high speed, accuracy and intelligence, it is also greatly improving production efficiency and material utilisation, lowering the production cost and increasing the market competitiveness.

Digital cutting machine model SF-6090 with additional tool module, which makes it possible to use electric oscillating tool, drag tool, V-cut tool, perforating tool on it. CAM software prevents overcut at inner angles to recover graphic outline maximally.

The pressure of pneumatic creasing tool is up to 0.4Mpa, which applies to cardboard more than 400gsm.

Kiss-cut tool can do full cut or kiss-cut on thin and soft materials such as sticker, vinyl and cardboard at high precision and high speed. The cutting performance is pretty good.

LED device in edge-finding and positioning system ensures HD CCD camera read registration marks under insufficient light and nested cut precisely.
Collection tray makes it convenient to collect finishes products automatically.

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