Flatbed cutting plotter

Compact and simple peration flatbed cutting plotter

Product Features:

High-resolution camera for accurate detection of registration marks on both colored and transparent materials.
Variable material available like high reflective material, transparent materials, PVC, magnet material, etc
SignMaster software support Ai 8.0, PDF, all bitmap file format
Perforation cut, Kiss cut, Die-cut, Creasing
50-2000g adjustable downforce
Windows OS compatibility
Make packaging boxes, tags, hobbies & crafts, labels, etc
2 years warranty



The Sunfung flatbed cutting plotter represents the latest in advanced flatbed technology. Designed with an eye for precision and accuracy, it allows clean and accurate cuts in a wide array of materials. While designed primarily as very fast cutter for projects such a box prototyping, custom packaging etc., the repeatability of precisely following the same line multiple times allows the flatbed cutting plotter to punch well above its weight class when dealing with tough substrates.

Perforation cut, Kiss cut, Die cut, Creasing – everything you need to create production quality products. Included Tools are Cutter Blade / Pen / Creasing/Etching tool. Dual head operation allows wide choice of options.

The advanced CCD camera allows the flatbed to read registration marks as small as 5mm, even on hard to read colored, transparent, glossy or reflective materials. Reading 4 registration marks can happen as fast as 4 seconds, which means production times are maximized. The user interface has been designed to be intuitive and allow first time users to easily operate the flatbed. All common and needed functions can be executed in a few easy to follow touches. The large and bright screen guarantees that cutter status is easily visible at a glance.

Connect via USB or for longer distances, you can use Ethernet. You can even connect via U-disk (thumb drives) for stand-alone operation with no PC attached.

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