SF-S350 sheet cutter

Tabletop label cutting machine

Product Features:

CDR or AI file cutting is available
Auto feeding with hopper capacity up to 100 sheets or 18mm thick
4.3 inch Touch screen for easy operations
4 interfaces include U disk, USB, LAN network and WIFI
Quiet label cutting with fast speed to 1200mm/s
10-500g adjustable downforce, to cut 1mm thick max
CCD camera for automatic contour cut
Servo motor for quiet and accurate cuttings
QR code available
Linear guide guarantee high cut accuracy and durable use



The Sunfung S350 digital label cutter is a game-changer when it comes to printing large quantities of work in record time. The S350 can cut materials of up to 350mm x 500mm in size, automatically feeding 100 sheets or 18mm total thickness into the hopper without human intervention. The digital label cutter has an adjustable downward contact pressure of 500g which allows it to cut a large variety of materials (excluding metal materials) that are not more than 1mm thick at a time. All you need do is set your preferences on the vinyl sheet cutter and your work will be done in record time.

In addition, the S350 can be used as a label sheets cutter and a vinyl label cutter plotter or sheet to sheet label plotter, all designed to ensure its optimal performance. It has a quiet label cutting with a speed of up to 1200mm/s and this is one of the features that sets the S350 aside from other random brands.

The Sunfung S350 digital label cutter is most suited for the efficient production of labels and contour-cut stickers for use in product labeling, copy shops, office applications and other business areas. It is also easily maintained and will be a valuable addition to relevant businesses.

Download the brochure or read through the features below to configure your specific requirements.

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