Quality & Capability

Sunfung’s reputation comes from our consistent delivery of high-grade print finishing products that accomplishes nearly all of our clients’ requirements. Our capabilities in delivery quality print finishing products come from our strict QC management system, production lines, and material screening process.

Committed to Your Success

Our team is dedicated to our craft where we are detail-oriented when manufacturing all of our print finishing solutions. We are committed to providing you the best possible seals for specific applications, helping you improve the productivity and efficiency of your business while cutting down on your expenses.

Through our passion, all of our products are certified by multiple organizations for complying with global standards.

They Trusted Us

We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service while offering our employees the best training.

Quality Assurance in Every Step

All of our print finishing products go through careful inspection

and testing during the production process to guarantee they arrive at your address in excellent condition.

  •     Incoming Inspection    
  •     Assembly Testing    
  •     Packaging & Delivery     
    Incoming Inspection    

Incoming Quality Inspection

We implement a screening process when looking for raw material suppliers based on material conditions and consistency on the delivery date. Our team also checks every component delivered from our partnered suppliers to ensure they are free of any defect before we utilize them on our print finishing production process.

    Assembly Testing    

QC Checking

Our Quality & Control office allows us to monitor, test, and control the outcome of our print finishing products during the manufacturing process. Testing methods let us determine the machine appearance, safety check, assembly check, working test, Plug to confirm and accessories. Through our findings, we can correct any issues on our manufacturing process or find room for improvement.

    Packaging & Delivery     

Packaging & Delivery

Each print finishing product is given a comprehensive inspection before placing them within our packaging and shipping them out. We can even provide a clear image of your orders before we send them out to give you the ease of mind that your print finishing solutions are in good condition as they make their way to your business.





Measurement instrument


post-curing ovens


clean room

Our Manufacturing Capability

To guarantee a suitable method in crafting your print finishing products, we review your requirements and provide a comprehensive consultation. Sunfung utilizes an advanced compression molding process to manufacture all of our print finishing products. Our team can also use the injection and transfer mold process for specific products. Below are other capabilities we can achieve when producing our print finishing products

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