Screen protector cutter

Product Features:

Super Mini body with HD large touch screen 

Power cloud server 14000+ models

Real-time updated 

Capable of many kinds of films

Hydrogel TPU film, back stickers for phone and tablets

No need to download, No registration required



The small body. Multi-interface design can better meet the needs of users. The front built-in Accessories box can be opened by pressing, more intimate and more convenient.

10000+ cloud data, real-time update.

Mini cutter smart cloud film cutting machine, the drainage artifact of mobile phone stores! It can not only cut the front and back films of nearly ten thousand mobile phones, but also cut the front films of various brands of tablets, watches, and game consoles. The background system data is updated in real time, so there is no need to worry about the issue of new models on the market.

Precise cutting, the second original screen of the phone.

Mini cutter supports Bluetooth and WIFI wireless connection, operating data connection is more convenient, equipped with high-precision cutter head, the device supports cutting accuracy of 0.1mm, repeat accuracy of 0.1mm, the fastest linear cutting speed 250mm/s, the fastest curve cutting speed 250mm/s, The maximum cutting pressure is 1000g, which is specially designed for cutting to meet higher precision requirements.

Intimate design of details.

Mini cutter concentrates the power button, Mini-B USB interface, and RJ45 interface on the back of the machine. The body is more concise, and the diversified interface design can better meet the needs of users. The front built-in accessories box design is more intimate.

Applications for Cellphone repair, Mall kiosk, Small business / Roadside store, Supermarket, Phone retail, Mobile Accessories Store.

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